Farda cultural strategy

Intelligence, creativity, superior quality and operational excellence are the main tasks and strategic of Farda cultural institution.

Animation producing

Presently, animation is considered as the most effective media tools in the world

Game producing

Home computer games became widely popular according to improvement at the quality in Iran.

Software design

Consumer requirement is the most indicator in design and Implementation


Advertising campaigns utilize diverse media channels over a particular time frame and are often mandated to be rationally defined.

About us

Farda Cultral Group Institute has got started the activities from 2011 with accreditation from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The Institute, in cooperation with specialists working in the field of animation and computer games began. Since its inception, the institute has started activities in the field of animation production, computer games, production of educational content, advertising, photography and publishing, which, with the professional and continuous activity in this area, is one of the top companies In Iran. Farda Cultral Group Institute, with the firm conviction of the impact of modern media with innovation, has begun to create a 3D animated series, 2D animated, cut out, graphic, short and long Film, computer and mobile phone games. Direct and non-intermediary can serve its clients. We are proud of the fact that the platform of emoocfarda.ir is the largest virtual interactive training system in the country with a distance education approach without any time limitations and only by connecting to the Internet to learn the educational content of all ages.

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Reasons of choosing us

  • Farda Cultural Institute is proud to collect a complete set of services and expertise, which is responsible to all the needs of your audience in all categories. 

  • Design is a creativity, coordinated and systematic activity.

  • We are a team of creative, educated and active in the fields of culture, art and application domains that have tried to make a suitable situation for producing of knowledge-based content and set it available for our customers.

Key Features


Composed of skilled and educated human resources

Provide different services in less time

Accuracy, speed, integrity of service and compliance with all legal and professional principles is our premium features.


One of the fundamental principles in our collection is obligations to the shortest time with the best quality.

Contacts Details:

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Telephone Phone +9821-26232025 Fax +9821-26232028 Phone support +989107577267
Email info@fardaculturalgroup.com
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