Behsima Animation series

Project Description

Creating visual interest with the sport of basketball and indirect impact on the audience is Behsima’s ideas and a method of introducing themselves. View time of this animation is 2 minutes and was produced in 17 days.

    • Art director: Mozhgan Aslani
    • Director and Production Manager: Mohammad saffar
    • Background Model Maker: Alireza sayyah
    • Animator: saman Abdinezhad
    • Character designer: Kian Kiani
    • Set up symbols: Reza soheili
    • Character Model Maker: Farhad Najmavi
    • Texture: Fateme Asadi
    • Dubbing director: Ashkan Sadeghi
    • Sound effects: Mojtaba Rahimi
    • Rendering: Alireza Sayyah
    • Labels: three dimensional animation, Animation series
    • Start date: February 28, 2017
    • Delivery date: March 17, 2017
    • Innovation
    • Attraction
    • Impact on the audience
    • Introduction of basketball
  • Project completion and customer satisfaction

  • Animation series the most influential methods of advertising. Therefore, it was selected to play in the virtual network.